Clocks and Dragons

Clocks and dragons? Huh? YES! There are two works of art opposite each other at Duesseldorf Volksgarten. On the one hand, the "Zeitfeld" (time field) by artist Klaus Rinke. At the north entrance of Volksgarten there are 24 clocks which all show the same excact time. You can not really see that, because when you look from one clock to another, another second passes by. All 24 watches at a glance - impossible. The transience of time becomes conscious to the viewer here. A great installation, which was built in 1987 for the Federal Garden Show. And despite the long time that has passed since then, it's constantly ticking away. Across the street, a three-headed monster looks over. The colorful dragons are nothing more than exhaust pipes of the Dusseldorf canal network. Ultimately quite profane they are the property of the city drainage company. And somebody came up with the idea of ​​making art out of it. Very successful, as we think!

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Auf'm Hennekamp
(next house numbers 110-112)
40225 Duesseldorf

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Train: S6 (Stop Düsseldorf, Volksgarten-S)
Tram: 706 (Stop Volksgarten)
Tram: 705 (Stop Kruppstraße), approx. 5 minutes Walk

Opening Hours

Open all day


No entrace fee, public park

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