Monument of grant privileges

The Monument of grant privileges of Duesseldorf is part of every tour of Duesseldorf's Old Town. The monument by Bert Gerresheim represents the battle of Worringen in the year 1288. In fact, not the Duesseldorfer have defeated the people of Cologne, but several hundred Duesseldorf people have helped the citizens of Cologne and the Count of Berg to defeat the troops of the Cologne archbishop. As a Thank you, the fishing village of Duesseldorf has been granted city rights.

Gerresheim has in his monument an incredible attention to detail. If you have the time, you can discover a lot. A little hint: In the video you can see a golden stone with an arrow and the number 1288 on it. If you stand exactly on this stone and look at the monument, you can see the number 1288 in the turmoil of the weapons. Little help: The sickle is the 2.

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Müller-Schlösser-Gasse 1
40213 Duesseldorf

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Bus: 780, 782, 785 (Stop Heinrich-Heine-Allee)
Subway: U70 - U79, U83 (Stop Heinrich-Heine-Allee)

Opening Hours

Open 24 Hours


No entrance fee

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