Pillar Saints - Säulenheilige

They are life-size and almost look like real people. Ten sculptures by artist Christoph Pöggeler stand in Düsseldorf on advertising pillars. Hence the name: The Pillar Saints.

If you bring some time, can easily visit all Pillar Saints in a day by bike. But you should plan two to three hours for the tour, if it should be relaxe

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All locations of Pillar Saints
1) "Urlauber"
Kaiserswerther Str. 408
40474 Duesseldorf
2) "Geschäftsmann"
Robert-Lehr-Ufer 2
40474 Duesseldorf
3) "Paar II"
Oederallee / Corner Hofgartenrampe
40479 Duesseldorf
4) "Fremde"
Schlossufer / Corner Alte Stadt
40213 Duesseldorf
5) "Paar I"
Muehlenstraße 1A
40213 Duesseldorf
6) "Braut"
Citadellstraße 3
40213 Duesseldorf
7) "Marlis"
Stromstraße 24
40221 Duesseldorf
8) "Vater und Sohn"
Immermannstraße 18
40210 Duesseldorf
9) "Fotograf"
40210 Duesseldorf
10) "Lesende"
Hohenzollernallee 10
40235 Duesseldorf


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The sculptures "Businessman", "Couple II", "Stranger", "Couple I", "Bride" and "Marlis" are located near the Rhine and can be reached within an easy hour by foot.If you want to see all, you should go by bike or take one of the two subways U78 / U79.In the north you can reach the "Tourist" (stop Messe Ost / Stockumer Kirchstraße), in city centre the "Photographer" and "Father and Son" (Stop Duesseldorf Hbf ("Main Station")).The "Reader" is difficult to reach by public transport.Nearby stops the bus line 725 (Stop Daelenstraße).

Opening Hours

Open all day


No entrance fee

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