Christmas Market

Do you know all Christmas Markets in the city center of Duesseldorf? There are seven different theme markets, which are not far from each other, sometimes even merge into one another: At Marktplatz is the Craftsman Market, on Henrich-Heine-Platz the Angel Market, on Flinger Straße the Old Town Market, in the courtyard of Wilhelm-Marx-Haus the Sternchenmarkt, on Schadowplatz the Fairytale Market, on Joachim-Erwin-Platz the Kö-Bogen-Markt and finally on Schadowstraße the Schadowmarkt. They all have different focuses but of course there are roasted almonds, mulled wine and Feuerzangenbowle. For children and families we recommend especially the Fairytale Market and the Kö-Bogen-Markt. There it is not so crowded and there are child friendly activities. Of course, there are other Christmas Markets in Duesseldorf as well, for example, on Nordstraße in Pempelfort or in front of Benrath Palace.

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There are seven different Christmas Markets in city centre, not far from each other.

Marktplatz: Handwerker-Markt (Craftsmen Market)
Heinrich-Heine-Platz: Engelchen-Markt (Angels Market)
Flinger Strasse: Altstadt-Markt (Old Town Market)
Courtyard of Wilhelm-Marx-Haus: Sternchen-Markt (Star Market)
Schadowplatz: Märchen-Markt (Fairytale Market)
Joachim-Erwin-Platz: Kö-Bogen-Markt (Koe-Bogen Market)
Schadowstrasse: Schadow-Markt (Schadow Market)

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Subway: U70, U71, U72, U73, U74, U75, U76, U77, U78, U79, U83 (Stop Heinrich-Heine-Allee U)
Bus: 805, 817, NE3, NE4, NE7, SB50 (Stop Heinrich-Heine-Allee U)
Tram / Subway: 701, 705, 706, U71, U72, U73, U83 (Stop Schadowstraße)

Opening Hours

21th November to 30th December 2019

Sunday - Thursday: 11am - 8pm
Friday und Saturday: 11am - 9pm

24th November: Closed (Totensonntag / Dead Sunday - German holiday)
24th December: 11am - 3pm
25th December: Closed
26th December: 2pm - 8pm


no entrance fee

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