The kick off for the Street Carnival in Düsseldorf is given on Carnival Thursday at 11.11am. "Altweiber" - or as some also say "Weiberfastnacht" - unofficially starts hours before. Many locals meet at 7am or 8am with beer and "Mettbrötchen" (rolls with minced meat), dress up together and then move to Old Town. It is already packed around 9 am on Marktplatz in front of Town Hall, the people sway warm for five great days. At 11.11am the "Möhnen" - the women in carnival - storm Town Hall and symbolically take over the power of the men. The mayor hands over the key to the city to the Venetia - the princess of carnival. Some Möhnen have scissors, to cut off the men's ties.

Tie off! Can they do that?

A little tip: cutting off the ties is not necessarily material damage in Düsseldorf. It's unlikely that you get a compensation. There are corresponding judgments. So men: if you wear a tie on this day, the best would be the one with the points from your mother-in-law.

Where do you celebrate?

The party opens with the "Rathaussturm". The locals celebrate until late at night. We prefer to go to Ratinger Strasse. People are relaxed and in a good mood. It is usually too packed and crowded on Bolker Straße.

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40213 Duesseldorf

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Subway: U70, U74, U75, U76, U77 (Stop Tonhalle/Ehrenhof)
Subway: U70, U71, U72, U73, U74, U75, U76, U77, U78, U79, U83 (Stop Heinrich-Heine-Allee U)
Bus: SB50 (Stop Tonhalle/Ehrenhof)

Opening Hours

February, 11th, 2021
Start at Town Hall (Marktplatz) at 11.11am
Tip: Be early!
Party until the next morning!


No admission

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