40 Grad Urbanart Festival

Every two years, art-loving volunteers organize the "40 Grad Urbanart Festival" Their goal: to beautify a place in Dusseldorf. Officially with the permission of the city and other concerned owners. Sometimes it is a building that is to be demolished a little later - as last on Schadowplatz, where now the Kö-Bogen II and the Ingenhoven valley were created or just like in this video at the 40 Grad Urban Art Festival in September 2019. There were 70 individual artists and crews painting and spraying. They have turned the area around the memorial at the former Derendorfer Güterbahnhof into a gallery. In the immediate vicinity, the Nazis abducted and deported more than 6,000 jewish people during the Nazi regime. They were brouhgt to the ghetto Theresienstadt and the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. The artists could - but did not have to - include the topic in their art. The result is colorful and gray, happy and thoughtful, funny and sad graffiti on Toulouser Allee under the bridge Jülicher Straße in Duesseldorf-Derendorf. This location is supposed to stay excactly like it is. Where and when the next 40 Grad Urbanart starts, you'll see here on our website as soon as they announce it.

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Under the bridge Jülicher Straße
40477 Duesseldorf

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Bus: 733, 756, 758 (Stop St.-Vinzenz-Krankenhaus)
Bus: 733, 752, 754, 756, 758, 807, 834, SB55 (Stop Derendorf) 5 minutes walk
Tram: 701 (Stop Derendorf) 5 minutes walk
Train: S1, S6, S11 (Stop Derendorf-S) 5 minutes walk

Opening Hours

Public place - open all day


No admission fee

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